Posted on Oct 22, 2020 |News

New York, NY (October 22, 2020) – NAM (National Arbitration and Mediation), one of the nation's leading providers of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) services, is pleased to announce that it has created a customized program for the resolution of self-storage disputes.  NAM's Self-Storage Industry Dispute Resolution program is focused on providing arbitration services specifically to self-storage operators and their rental tenants to help them resolve their disputes throughout the United States and Canada.

With an upward trend in adding arbitration clauses to rental agreements and employment contracts, NAM stands ready to offer cost effective solutions to self-storage owners and operators to assist with all their ADR needs.  NAM also offers a separate Employment Dispute Resolution program to resolve employment-related matters.

According to Jacqueline Silvey Esq., NAM's General Counsel, “NAM can administer in-person or virtual arbitrations in geographically suitable locations, using a distinct set of rules and procedures for resolving disputes relating to the rental of a self-storage unit.  NAM also offers the option of having a member of a panel of pre-selected NAM neutrals arbitrate matters based solely upon the submission of documentation. With NAM's cost-effective fees and knowledgeable case managers who are familiar with the nuances specific to the resolution of these types of disputes, NAM is the arbitration administrator of choice for designation in self-storage rental agreements and employment contracts.”

Ms. Silvey added, “We have been fortunate to work closely with Carlos Kaslow and Scott Zucker of The Self-Storage Legal Network. Their guidance about the nuances of the self-storage industry has been invaluable and has taken us to a place where we stand ready, with our own specific rules, to assist self-storage owners and their tenants and/or employees to help them move forward in the resolution of any matters.”

With almost 30 years in business, NAM is one of the top ADR companies in the country and serves more than 10,000 commercial entities, including over 50 percent of Fortune 100 companies. NAM offers a nationwide panel of more than 2,600 top-tier former judges and experienced legal practitioners uniquely qualified to facilitate the resolution of disputes in a private forum. NAM maintains rosters in all 50 states and Puerto Rico and in major cities around the world.

For the seventh year in a row, NAM was named a top ADR firm in the United States by the National Law Journal Best Of Survey and for two years in a row, was voted the #1 National ADR Provider by the Corporate Counsel Best Of Survey. Further, the New York Law Journal Best Of Survey selected NAM as the #1 ADR firm for the past ten years and the #1 Online ADR Resource by this year's survey respondents.  NAM was also voted the #1 ADR Provider by the 2020 New Jersey Best Of Survey. In addition to those successes, NAM was voted a top ADR provider by the New England and Midwest Best Of Surveys and a top Online ADR Resource by Texas Lawyer. These recognitions, in addition to other recent awards and accolades, confirms NAM's status as a leader in the ADR community.

For any questions about NAM's administration of self-storage industry disputes, please contact NAM at 800.358.2550 Attn: Commercial Dept. or by e-mail at: For NAM's Self-Storage Industry Dispute Resolution program documents (including rules, fees and the demand for arbitration form), please visit NAM's website at –  NAM's Practice Areas:  Self-Storage Industry.