Posted on Sep 14, 2009 |News

September 14, 2009

Princess Cruise Lines recently named National Arbitration and Mediation, Inc. (NAM), one of the nation's leading dispute resolution providers, as the new arbitration administrator. Essentially, when passengers book a cruise, they agree to the terms of a Passage Contract, which sets forth that that all claims associated with the contract or cruise shall be resolved by arbitration. For all claims relating to Passage Contracts prior to NAM's appointment, such matters will be resolved by the American Arbitration Association (AAA).

Roy Israel, President & CEO stated, “NAM is pleased to be overseeing the administration of the Princess Cruise Line matters in offering its passengers an alternative to litigation. We are confident that the shift from the previous administrators program to our Comprehensive Rules and Procedures will not cause any delay, increased costs or procedural confusion. In fact, we expect that both the passengers and the cruise line representatives who utilize our services will find them to be efficient, expedient, cost effective and in line with the goals of ADR.”

This shift in administration will go into effect immediately as Princess Cruise Lines has already modified the arbitration provision in their contract. NAM is committed to providing full access to all information regarding the new administration. Complete details about the new arbitration procedures for Princess Cruise Lines (including a downloadable copy of NAM's Comprehensive Rules and Procedures) are available on NAM's website at: Additionally, the Passage Contract containing the applicable arbitration provision can be accessed via Princess Cruise Lines' website here.