Posted on Apr 20, 2009 |Speaking Engagements

April 20 2009,

The Land Use Law Center at Pace University School of Law, announced its nomination of NAM panelist Hon. John P. DiBlasi to serve on the 2009 Mayor's Re-development Roundtable. The committee lead by the Land Use Leadership Alliance (LULA) will meet on April 20, May 4, May 18, and June 1 to discuss cutting-edge ideas related to major land use concerns and issues identified by local cities and villages in the New York area.

Judge DiBlasi's nomination and acceptance is attributable to his reputation as a respected and objective leader with the keen ability to build and manage coalitions in land use disputes. Since 1995, LULA's program has assisted local leaders in becoming more effectively involved in their community's land use decision-making process. This year, the highly selective committee will discuss consensus building and land use techniques to achieve sustainable urban growth.

-Judge DiBlasi is the ideal candidate for this coalition. He brings a wealth of knowledge and experience when it comes to land use issues and I am confident that he will contribute significantly to the discussion,? said Roy Israel, President and CEO of NAM. ?His continued service to the State of New York is quite remarkable and we applaud his efforts in helping to promote efficient land use planning.?

Prior to joining NAM, Judge DiBlasi, among other things, served as the designated land use Justice for the Supreme Court of Westchester County and presided over some of the most complex land use actions including the resolution of the largest land use dispute in Westchester County. Judge DiBlasi also served as Chief of Staff for the City of Mount Vernon where he developed Requests for Qualifications for and negotiations with major developers regarding the re-development of the downtown business district.

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