NAM Gives Back

NAM, the nation’s leading provider of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) services, has established its Gives Back initiative as part of its mission, commitment and leadership in the ADR and legal communities.

The NAM Gives Back program is designed to develop partnerships and support organizations to encourage the advancement of effective, efficient and balanced ADR initiatives. NAM recognizes that education and giving back are vitally important to the growth and understanding of the dispute resolution process.

NAM Gives Back not only helps make a difference in the field of ADR and the broader legal community, but is also designed to drive positive change in communities, both locally and on a national scale, through support of numerous local and national charitable organizations.

The NAM Gives Back initiative is supported by five simple pillars:

  • Increase awareness and encourage the use of ADR to resolve conflict.
  • Advance the future of ADR through education and industry leadership.
  • Strengthen the ADR community through strategic industry partnerships and initiatives.
  • Use philanthropic means to raise vital funds for the benefit of the community at large.
  • Establish a legacy of giving back to transform legal communities through generosity and industry leadership.

For more information regarding NAM’s Gives Back program, contact us today.