ADR Consulting

One of the nation’s leading providers of alternative dispute resolution (ADR) services, NAM provides innovative services designed to mitigate the time and financial risks associated with costly litigation.

In addition to providing arbitration and mediation services, as well as a nationwide panel of award-winning former judges and legal practitioners, NAM provides the following services to further assist in the dispute resolution process:

Custom ADR Strategies – Whether you are an in-house counsel, insurance professional or plaintiffs or defense counsel, NAM’s seasoned professionals can assist with the development of proactive ADR strategies for law firms and organizations of all sizes, including assistance with drafting ADR clauses, developing strategies designed to avoid the cost and risks associated with disputes, as well as provide customized complimentary continuing legal education programs on dispute resolution skills, topics and best practices.

Discovery Referee – In complex cases, and pursuant to the agreement of both parties, NAM can provide a qualified Discovery Referee to help parties move their case along and to decide on discovery disputes.

Neutral Evaluation – Gain insight and clarity on your position in a matter before or during litigation. During this process, a qualified NAM neutral will examine the evidence, and ultimately provide his or her non-binding evaluation of the case. NAM’s neutral evaluation service is designed to help counsel better understand and evaluate their positions, which ultimately leads to a more expedient and cost-effective settlement process (be it litigation, mediation, or other settlement alternatives).

Trial Preparation – NAM also provides trial preparation services, including private mock jury trials. NAM’s mock jury trials can provide invaluable feedback regarding the effectiveness of various trial strategies being considered, and include the following:

  • Each custom-tailored mock jury trial includes jurors comprised of NAM panel members or lay people recruited by NAM to serve on such juries.
  • Multiple mock jury hearings can be conducted with different jurors and/or judges to test several approaches.
  • In each scenario, NAM can record the deliberations, so that they can subsequently be reviewed and analyzed – an often invaluable tool when formulating a litigation or settlement strategy.