Posted on Nov 09, 2009 |News

National Arbitration and Mediation, Inc. (NAM) a pioneer in the provision of dispute resolution services recently undertook a review of its Consumer Transaction Section. NAM reviews their Rules and Procedures periodically, in an effort to continually refine processes that are more convenient for customers and to foster the prompt, effective and fair resolution of disputes.

Since their inception in 1992, NAM has at all times applied the highest standards of procedural fairness in the administration of arbitrations originating from pre-dispute clauses in consumer contracts. Roy Israel, President & CEO commented on these requirements as “documenting the practices that we have always had in place. In doing so, we are hopeful that such guidelines will provide a foundation and guideline for other dispute resolution providers and businesses that are active in consumer arbitration programs.”

Highlights include new definitions for what constitutes a consumer and a consumer case in addition to a new set of Procedural Fairness Standards for Consumer Arbitrations setting forth how companies and institutions should be administering their consumer arbitration programs. NAM has pledged not to enforce pre-dispute clauses that do not meet these requirements. To view these Guidelines please visit NAM's website at: