Employment Arbitration Initiatives Governed by a Company's Own Rules and Procedures

NAM is the Administrator of several corporate Employment dispute resolution initiatives ranging from Fortune 500 companies to small regional businesses. Companies that are interested in having NAM administrate a program that is governed by a company’s own Employment Rules and Procedures must supply NAM with a copy of the Rules and Procedures and require approval by the Officers of NAM prior to our acceptance to act as the Administrator of such dispute resolution initiatives. Of paramount importance is that the procedures insure the integrity and neutrality of the dispute resolution forum to all litigants.

If you desire to institute such a program, NAM can provide suggested sample rules, processes, and forms in order to ensure a fair and unbiased process.

Please note that NAM recommends that any company that is initiating an Employment Arbitration Program make available to employees a document that explains the arbitration program and provides an explanation of the frequently asked questions that might be asked. NAM can offer suggestions relating to the areas that are typically addressed in such a document.